In today’s rapidly evolving digital era, the combination of nostalgia and innovation has become a unique charm. At Marwey, we specialize in creating unique arcade experiences by seamlessly blending classic arcade games with modern technology, bringing endless fun and challenges to players.

1. Retro Arcade Cabinets: Relive the Classics, Feel the Nostalgia

Our retro arcade machines gather countless classic games such as Street Fighter, Metal Slug, and Super Mario Bros., allowing players to relive the good old days and feel the nostalgia. Each arcade cabinet is meticulously designed, retaining the classic appearance and operational feel, making players feel as if they are in an 80s arcade hall.

2. VR Devices: Embark on a New Journey of Virtual World Exploration

In addition to classic arcade games, we also provide advanced VR devices, allowing players to explore and adventure in the virtual world to their heart’s content. From thrilling shooting games to immersive adventure experiences, our VR devices cater to the needs of different players, providing unprecedented gaming experiences.

3. Customization Services: Create Your Exclusive Gaming Center

As a one-stop purchasing platform, we not only offer a diverse selection of products but also provide customized solutions tailored to your gaming center. Whether it’s venue design, product customization, or marketing planning, our team can provide professional advice and support to ensure that your gaming center stands out and attracts more attention and favor from players.

4. Global Services: Let the Joy of Gaming Know No Boundaries

Our clients are spread across the world, and regardless of your location, you can easily purchase high-quality arcade machines through us. As an arcade machine wholesaler, we are committed to providing premium products and services to domestic clients and offer fast and convenient export services to overseas clients, allowing the joy of gaming to transcend borders.


At Marwey, we uphold the philosophy of “innovation, quality, and service,” continuously bringing new gaming experiences to players. If you’re considering opening a gaming center, amusement park, bar, mall, or other venues, feel free to contact us anytime and let’s work together to create a unique gaming world!


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